The experts

Dr. Désiré Hounguès

Linguistics / International Education

Dr. Désiré Hounguès holds a doctorate in Applied Linguistics from Boston University. After completing his undergraduate degree in his native country, Togo, Dr. Hounguès moved to England where he studied at Bristol University and received a certificate in Teaching English as Second Language from Cambridge University. He held the position of dean of the School of Liberal Arts for six years and served as chair of the Liberal Arts department, acting chair of Cinema Studies, Arts Administration, and Professional Writing at SCAD.

His teaching experience includes courses in French, cultural anthropology, syntax and language acquisition at American and British institutions. He has presented at national and international conferences on a variety of issues about African languages, culture, and theoretical linguistics as well as the state of education in developing countries. He also consulted with the Ministry of Education in Togo on language development projects.

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