The experts

Dr. Scott Lacy

Anthropology / International Development

Scott, a professor of Anthropology at Emory University, is the founder and Executive Director of African Sky. When asked about the inspiration beyond his work in Africa, Scott explained: "Inequality is the bane of my existence; it drives me crazy, and I am not whole unless I am doing something real to mitigate the social, economic and ecological violence meted out on hard-working farming communities in places like Mali." In addition to Scotts work through African Sky, he teaches anthropology to inspire young adults, "Some of my most important work is mentoring and teaching those who seek to alleviate suffering and inequality through a life of service rather than pursuing a life of shiny cars, real estate and making money simply for the sake of hoarding it." Visit African Sky’s website to learn more about recent and current projects such as building 10 rural schools by 2010, a malaria medication campaign, partnerships with Engineers Without Borders and Peace Corps, as well as special visits to US schools and community groups in Ohio, California, New York, and Florida.