The Crew

Chris Martz

Art Director

Chris Martz is an artist and motion graphics designer and animator.  He graduated SCAD with a BFA in Broadcast Design and Motion Graphics in May of 2008.  He has worked on a very eclectic grouping of projects. In 2007 Chris interned with an innovative design and production studio in San Francisco known as Mekanism (Mekanism.com).  His work usually contains a bright palette of colors and a healthy dose of abstraction.  Chris now does art and design work in North Carolina as a freelancer and as a designer with the art collective Durty (DurtyDurham.com).
Message from the Art Director:
“I am a motion graphics designer and animator.  I agreed to work with Robert Hess on Sustaining Life during my senior year at SCAD because I loved the concept for the film and trusted his vision/direction.  As a designer I believe that with the unique opportunity to communicate with large groups of people comes a great responsibility. At SCAD, I was lucky to have a strong network of friends that were both talented and hardworking.
Many of these artists would eventually become the creative team that designed and animated “Sustaining Life.”  I want to thank each of them for tolerating my approach to art and creative direction for the motion graphics in the film.  I believe that together we helped create something of value and weight. I hope that at the very least it would inspire others to do the same. “


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Chris Martz