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Jarratt Moody

Animator / Art Consultant

Jarratt Moody, a recent graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design, has great interest in pursuing non-commercial motion graphics. Sustaining Life fell into his lap during the magical time in college when his parents took care of his basic financial needs. The film provided a much needed respite from motion graphics' typical application; advertising. Disproportionately few opportunities arise to use motion graphics for a good cause. When such opportunities do come along, paying one's rent tends to take priority.

Named Student of the Year at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2008, finalist at the 2007 Adobe Design Achievement Awards, and taking home silver at the 2008 Broadcast Design Awards, Jarratt managed to land a job at the up and coming studio Favorite Color in New York.

He now spends his days making graphics for commercial clients and broadcast networks. His hope, however, is that films like Sustaining Life will show the potential that motion graphics have to illustrate concepts, and more designers will be needed to work on such films. As the medium of motion graphics becomes more accessible and less costly, Jarratt hopes to see it break out of its typecast mass media role and into the sea of potential (and far more interesting) applications.


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Jarratt Moody